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Shadows of Regret

The Darkness Inside

As I sit here on my knees

The small light fading

I can feel the shadows deep inside

Demanding to consume me

This darkness that I feel cannot be stopped

It is forever at my back

Clawing and grabbing until I have nothing left

The light is fading ever quicker now

The shadows ever so demanding

They touch my heart

They touch my soul

So dark and cold

I’ll never know the light again

This darkness is like an old friend

My eyes are closing

My heart is stopping

The darkness turns to peace

They stop as they have consumed me

My mind is clear as I am finally resting

With one last breath everything comes back

I want the warmth, I want the light

I want to live, oh god, bring me back

These shadows of regret wish to keep me here

But death was only a moments hope in which I do not miss

I crawl and scream as the darkness drowns me

The light is just right there, only the shadows block me

I’m alone, I’m scared

I’m out of breath, I’m out of time

I have but only one regret and that was going through with my wish of death

I have one foot in the light but so tired am I

I lay down to rest, but only for a bit

Just breathing is my fight today

I’ll save living for another day

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Shadows of Regret
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