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Shadow Cast Aside

The Monsters in Plain Sight

Credit goes to Original artist

I'm not sure how to start this

Do I Start with my name?

Maybe, where I'm from? 

Why I'm here? 

No... None of those are right..

I got it! 

I am a shadow. 

I am a shadow that's been cast aside.

A shadow that wants nothing more 

Than to bathe in the warmth of the light

But I fear the light.

This Shadow fears light

This Shadow, is also feared by light

The beams of the Light burn

They burn at our very being

The light rips away at our precious soul

The light beckons us to be what we aren't

This is why I'm a Shadow

In the light, people are quick to notice you

The accept the faint memory 

Of who you want them to see

And not who you are

In the shadows

You aren't judged

because you aren't seen

You aren't seen 

Because you are a shadow 

Amongst other shadows

The light fears us

Because we are different.

We choose to remain hidden from the light

We choose to remain different

Over sacrificing it for popularity

Over glory

Sacrificing Individuality

For a reflection of who we are

People tell me 

That if I'm a shadow

That I must be depressed

And let me be the first to say 

I am VERY depressed

They all tell me to

'Let it go'

To just, let my depression go

I would love nothing more

Than to just dump it in the trash

Right now. 

But that would be pointless

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Shadow Cast Aside
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