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Shade Conflict

Stop being grey.

Shade me in or out of your life

if you don’t like me, I don’t mind

you look at me, but you can’t see me

your words can’t beat me, so they can’t kill me.

I was born with two eyes

That see light to sense color

But still dal-tonic I am

Cause I don’t see them judging wise,

Since my eyes can only see

They can’t think nor speak

And if they spoke they would say

We are not a color we are a shade.

We are brown as the earth,

Some are coffee, some are cream

Depending on where you come from,

And Your family and genes.

It depends of the weather

And your ancestors too,

I got a heart and lungs

That breath the same air as you

So, look at me, I’m not a color,

I wasn’t born a color,

It doesn’t affect my mind,

It doesn’t make me smaller,

I am not black or white

As all people claim

We are all brown not grey,

Do not try to cheat sight

The conflict is in the shade

On being dark or light.

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Andy Rosario
Andy Rosario

Call me "L.an.D"  Artist/a, Music Producer, Songwriter, Singer, Writer, Poet/a, Spanish/English speaker, from Dominican Republic, Live/Love California. LARS student. Please Donate for a bigger cause. Follow Instagram l.an.d.official.

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Shade Conflict
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