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Seventeen Seventeens

Artistic Poetry Challenge 2018

Child's Play


"New Year's Eve"

Boolean query

how most are dead or crazy

let's all hail Marat



any act of war

first and foremost signifies

the poets have failed



abject poverty

heightens the rat stench blare of

the trickle down lie



forsythia bloom

jonquils and daffodils too

yellow trumpets Spring



teakettle hissing

snow on the cherry blossoms

taking the day off



apple blossoms rain

like celebrants' confetti

Easter has arrived


"Trump Is President"

new sheriff in town

no hard-on for trophy wife

let's nuke Korea



as a writer I

don't call it as I see it

but as I smell it



great antagonist

peace debate perpetual

hand daddy his pipe


"First Coffee"

death of a rival

as it eventualized

misery comrade



a man ain't happy

'til no naked refugees

in churches' closets



usury begets

apocalyptic fodder




jubilation is

a duty as breathing to

refreshen vision



self-righteousness is

as readily perfected

as debauchery



siblings and lovers

you should know are capable

of all betrayals



service is now to

only the master you see

in the eyes of birth



deal the cards dealer

all other players are shills

koan performative

-- 30 --

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