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Seven Billion

My First Place Winning Entry for Madisonville Community College's Stanley Lewis Cultural Diversity Writing Contest

Potters mold it out of clay by cutter, roller, and wheel

Diversity is the upward inward curve of the vase

Created to hold flowers and keys and cane

Writers describe it by ink and quill

Diversity is symbolism, tone, diction of the piece

Created through Clacks! Pangs! Dings! of typewriter keys

Devout rejoice it as the creator’s love

Diversity is in the teachings of our maker

Smiling voices, by whispered prayers

Scientists identify it at a tip of a latex glove

Diversity is dashed along double helixes, genetically made

Connecting muscle to tendon to bone, synapses fired in brains

The mathematician charts it up to standard deviation

Diversity is the formula of the Fibonacci sequence

Steady patterned values, the ever so frequent

Cartographers map out the distance between destinations

Diversity is crossed hills and valleys, trodden sturdy

growth from the start to finish of journeys

The differences of definitions are not divisive

Throughout time, we are linked in adversity and in fortitude

All seven billion of us and our ideas of diversity, infinitely anew

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Seven Billion
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