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Set Me Free

If You Can

By Hailey Kean

You wanna be pretty

You wanna be hot

You wanna be smart

And believe me, you're not

You wanna be funny

You wanna be kind

You wanna be loved

But there’s too much racing in your mind

Like why am I alive

Why can’t I change

Why am I always lost in space

Sometimes and I mean always I’m really feeling caged

When these thoughts come in packs

And I can’t think that fast to process it all would take me a life time and so far I’m barely even half done

Stuck in this body

Detached from my brain

These visions they free me

But also bring me pain

Those thoughts of a better life

Those thoughts of a different world

All imagination

All a fantasy

I try to step outside my body trying to flee

But I always fall

You wanna be all that

You wanna be the best

You want the most from this world

But all I want is death 

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Set Me Free
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