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A fortunate coincidence...

The day I first saw you,

You were wearing Red.

And as you entered the room,

Making my heart pound and others who envied you drop dead.

Later, I realized that we had met before,

Don't know if you remember that scene anymore!

But I remembered- the gleam in your eyes,

The sparkle that I saw, when we glanced at the door.

Now that I am thinking of the time,

Not so long ago,

The time when I needed a helping hand,

You were the first to know.

Sometimes I also think about the memories,

The good times we have shared,

But mostly I think about all you have taught me,

And my broken confidence you always repaired.

I did everything that I could, to strengthen our bond,

Still, there came a time when you didn't respond,

I was shattered and hurt so badly,

That I wanted to abscond.

Then I decided something in my agony,

I started to act like a freak,

Made things difficult for you,

And broke promises I was supposed to keep.

But till the time I understood your point,

Things were so out of joint,

What you were doing was for my own good,

But in the future, I believe that you would stand up for me,

When no one else would.

Finding you gave a new meaning to my existence,

As the life I was leading was in anonymity.

Our friendship was just a coincidence,

Something called 'SERENDIPITY'...

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