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Selfless Soul

Transition Agony Brings

She refused to be selfish!

Wonder why?

Selfish society……Makes sense, right?

She was selfless but with attitude!

Suddenly, she changed!

Into what?

Still selfless, but generous.

Where is her attitude?

Gone! Flew into the horizon!


Unremarkable, refined day.

By whom?

A living disaster.


Living disaster showered her with colours of love, for a short period. And, she fell. She slowly forgot who she was—attitude filled, dependent girl. Love is as bloodshed, as slow poison. Falling for a disaster and being selfless meant, she sacrificed a lot for the disaster.

It’s ruined.


Disaster took over her life. The procedure to change her hard heart into tender heart was giving her the fear of letting go of her. The result of this procedure was successful.

She did realise the real features of the living disaster but was too late to change herself into the old her. She didn’t want to freeze her life with all the pain the disaster gave her. And so, she decided………

Vigorous decision she made!

A living disaster can’t make her selfish. She will be selfless. Will always put her nearest and dearest’s needs before hers. Ready to sacrifice anything. Ready to take anything life gives.

The change in her?

Still selfless.

But generous not attitude. Now she can dominate disappointments, pain, hurt, tears given to her in honour of being selfless.

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Selfless Soul
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