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Seeking the May Have

Aug 14, 2017

The stairway to the "May Have"

It doesn't end,

Not even if I beg,

It doesn't go away,

It's here to stay,

I don't want this,

I Never did,

Who would?

Can I take him back,

Taste what life might have been like without him,

He marks the down hill,

I just want to see what may have been,

What could have been,

Just to know,

Is that too much to seek?

Never ending,

But forever growing,

So constantly changing,

It'll never be quite the same.

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Noah Renee
Noah Renee

I'm Noah and I am a poet. I write from life experiences so it's not the happiest but it is relatable to people. I just write to write, so it's my best. I get what I get.

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Seeking the May Have
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