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See and Let Be

How is it?

How is it

That you can see

To know what will happen

Like you’ve seen it all in a dream

To try

To try and change the things

And pray that they won't come your way

You fight with of all your might

To be so kind

As happy in the moment

That you can ever be

How is it

To see such devastations

And yet you still smile

Brighter than the comfort of home

With the laughter to make anyone's evening

So welcoming

So warm

To help me see

That everything will be okay

And that the magic in every mystery

Will always unfold

Into one of the greatest stories

How is it

That you can warm

The coldest of hearts

On any given day

To be grateful in the end

And to always pray

That this day

You may stay

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See and Let Be
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