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Seductive Dissatisfaction

For Every Girl Who Believes Progress Has to Come Through Lust Capitalization

Hello, Bethany

Cheeky eyes, sly smile, open lips


As you pass, gazes follow

Eyes lock, swift smile, nervous swallow

Where have you come from, Bethany?

Who are you really?

Mannequin perfection

Pied Piper of Men


Have you ever bought a drink, Bethany?

Have you ever driven yourself?

Extend your little finger

Allow your followers free

Cut short the chase

Cover your face

Did you know you’re more than your body, Bethany?

Your value comes from within

You are worth more than the men you summon

But there is One Man who will truly satisfy

And there is joy in your pursuit of Him

Follow Me, Bethany.

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Seductive Dissatisfaction
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