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Questioning the Past

Darkness and sleep swirl like mist, the feelings mirror a lifeless kiss. A lover's long-forgotten prayer, evaporates in the midnight air. Images from eras long ago, now will you find the courage to show?

Fire dances reflected in his eyes, beyond his consciousness the flame lies. Daggers point a thousand knives, trying to claim desperate lives. Fiery candle flicker upon my wall, cast a dark shadow with your call. Psychedelic visions are haunting, shying, the calls for strength are faltering, dying. Ebbing, marching: throbbing, crying—a ghostly settlement, a town lying.

Secrets linger between crumbling walls, echos of the past the room calls. Stones and tales these walls conceive, what crystalline truth am I asked to believe? Each cell vibrates and remembers, drowned in this city full of embers. Feelings are strong—light is there, walls remember—rooms share.

A goddess in a tunic, full of flair, a diamond protrudes from her golden hair. Faith and fate lies interwoven, links and ties her cause is proven.

It's time to see and time to sleep, and time for the lost town to weep.

From the light comes forth the darkness,

Then the truth with a startling starkness.

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