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Seasons of Life

It’s a poem.


The seeds of the tree I’m about to become planted

Anxiously waiting for the first sprout

For the roots to come about

For the first green leaf

The relief of knowing summer is to come

My height, reaching for the sky and then some


The vibrant color, the comfort

The breeze flowing through my leaves

The suns radiant rays giving me my beautiful pigmentation

Such a creation, the hydration in my foundation making

My trunk grow thicker and thicker

My roots, longer and longer under the surface of the earth, through the dirt

Oh fall, flying towards me at 100 MPH like a fastball


my leaves

no more green

no more spring, or summer

will I recover?

mother, will I find another lover?

the thunder, through the slumber

the circumstances leaving me breathless

the leaves breaking from my branches

crashing to the ground

winter’s coming around



branches snapping, collapsing

no more humidity, or placidity

just morbidity

intoxicated with dryness, unruffled silence.


death is upon me.

but spring will make a U-turn

I will earn back my green leaves, my strong roots

my attributes will come back to me

this not the last of me.

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Seasons of Life
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