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I hope this finds you.

My love for you is like seasons. 

I could write you a love letter every day with a million more reasons. 

My love for you is like the summer. The gentle warm breeze reminds me of how your kisses bring me to my knees. The rushing water of the ocean on a bright summer day reminds me of your passion, intensity, and dedication. Loving you is an addiction and I'm refusing all medication. Summer nights with you sitting on Main Street; carefree. But that's when it was just you and me. Being in love with you was surely intoxicating, and I'm still here waiting. Waiting to see if we were really meant to be. Waiting to see if you still love me. 

My love for you is like the fall. Beauty slowly fading. I'm here in a river of mixed emotions... just wading. Two lovely hearts shattered, and a perfect relationship tattered. The leaves will die and fall just to welcome perfect, bright leaves in. This doesn't have to be a sad love story, we can always begin again. Your love warms my heart like pumpkin pie, and crisp apple cider. I write you these poems as a reminder, because I don't ever want you to forget of my everlasting love. I hold you higher than most in my life, you're pretty far above. 

My love for you is like the winter. Bitter but beautiful, destruction in the blink of an eye. With each falling snowflake, I can't help but wonder why. Leaving my little footprints on the perfect snow reminds me that you're the reason my heart has a little extra glow. When you're the subject, I can't help but let my words flow. There's just a few more things that I want you to know.. 

My love for you is like the spring. The rhythmic warm rain that leaves my skin glistening reminds me of how your heart beats...I was always listening. The tornado warnings every week remind me of how you keep my thoughts spinning when it's your heart I seek. If you think my rhymes are tight then why did we ever fight? I just want to love you in public and out of sight. I write you this particular poem so that you just might see how much I cherish your soul. If even for a second you think that I don't cherish and love you.. then you're simply a fool. 

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