Kelley K.U.
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Earth's Transformation

After the green has become multi-colored, and the leaves hesitatingly gravitate toward the Earth's center. 

There, they will eventually dry out, crumple into used up pieces of paper, get scraped up and thrown away. 

Allowing fresh new green to grow without being suffocated by the passing of those who already enjoyed their prime and autumn fashion. 

When the snow falls, the Earth’s energy transforms. 

Winter is a cloak. 

The ground’s core remains beneath it all, however its appearance has been altered. 

Yet, we shall not fear what has happened. 

The sun still rises once a day, although we may not always see it smile as brightly as it had in the past. 

This does not mean that the warmth has eloped, or that the air no longer wishes to hold and cradle you with its sheet of overwhelming love. 

I can make you this one promise:

Summer has not vanished, it is only in hiding, just as fall was its disguise, and spring is bubbling below the surface, awaiting its moment to rise. 

Nothing is ever gone, everything has a continuous presence, it can become visible just as quickly as it can disappear.