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Searching for What She Has

Opening Her Eyes to the Facts

She drinks water from a cup she hasn’t washed in a week

She used up her parents pockets until they asked her to leave

She works seven hours a day eight days a week

Used her paychecks on concerts she couldn’t wait to see

Struggling day to day but life hasn’t made her weak

She craves love but no one stays to listen to her speak

So her voice gets quieter as the time passes by

She takes herself to the mountains to dream and cry

Life isn’t fair but she’s determined to break the mold

Or what she can until or if she gets grey and old

Didn’t think she’d make it this far with her bipolar moods

She’s doing okay for herself as long as she takes her pills

Dependent on them just as she is her friends

Can’t go through life alone but never wants her alone time to end

She’s a confusing mess of unpredicted distance

Will she leave physically or let herself go missing?

Listens to music that leaves others concerned

Her existence feels less than truly earned

Is she really meant to be on this Earth

Or is she merely here because a god couldn’t think of something better first

But god doesn’t exist, we are our own universe

Hers, she’s trying to fix but her luck is the worst

Or is she just blind to how good she has it

She feels as if she’s always running out of time and thus causes havoc

There’s people that adore her and all of her savage

Yet she politely ignores them, and continues her addicts

She’s consequently charismatic because it gets her what she wants

But once she’s got everything she gets bored and craves to feel lost

It’s a never ending cycle but she’s never giving up

Just wish she’d cherish what she’s had all along

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Searching for What She Has
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