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Screams Inside a Child's Head

Poems from a Child

I look at you and screams begin to cry why do they have to die?

I look around for some help, but no one cares they just pretend.

The screams get louder and louder I look around for them, but they are not there.

I grab my things and run in despair I hide in my room the screams are still there.

Looking around I can't see where they are. I hide my head under the blanket of protection.

The screams so load they cut straight through, then I realise the screams are in there.

The screams are inside my head, screaming so loud they threaten me with death.

What could I do I am just small and weak I can't fight I can't even swim.

I shudder and begin to cry the tears are really rolling now.

The screams won't stop they want to know why.

Why did I stand still, why did I not stop it, why did I not fight?

I can not fight, how can I? I am just a child against a giant in this land?

I sit there crying, waiting for someone to come comfort me the door never opens.

The door stays closed, no one cares, they are all to wrapped up in their own lives to care.

I am alone, no one to fight my corner, why must I be the one that is subjected to this torture?

I sit and cry, the screams continue, I hide my hide and pray someone come rescue me but they never do.

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Screams Inside a Child's Head
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