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Time to put on my crown.

I trusted you completely

And you betrayed me

You said you would do me right

But it ended up that all you did was lie

I told you the worst is being ignored

Now you do it all the time

I'm not really sure what for

Because you won't even tell me why

I'm not just hurt, I'm pissed!

When that happens, I told you

I'll be your biggest BITCH!

Now look what you've gone and made me do!

But I'm far from done

I'm sure you know by now

There's nothing like a bitch scorned

And I am the Queen

So time to put on my crown

Trust me you haven't yet seen mean

You've pushed me to my limit

You gained the love and trust of my babies

But just as soon as you did it

You betrayed them just as much as me

You told me you loved them just the other day

Messing with my kids will be your biggest mistake

You deserve everything that comes your way

So hold on, cuz it will be a bumpy ride

Because I'm just getting started

I'll make you wish you were never alive

But that's what you get for leaving me broken-hearted

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