Schrodinger's Butterfly

Meeting Schrodinger Part I

if I had Butterfly wings

at my Disposal, I would

Sew them on my Shoulders,

Fly away and be


the Winds, however,


trap me

with No

Escaping the Wild

of the Skies

but the flowers would be at my


So I could

Explore, being Allowed in

my Freedom

and the Darkness would


Trapping me in my Time,

Limited in my

Perusal of the


it’s a mixture

Butterflies Become,

beautiful yet



yet so close to


with Too harsh a

Wind blowing,

battering the Beautiful about

I wish I had butterfly Wings

at my Disposal; I Would be free

And I wouldn’t Mind being Trapped. 

Althea Luce
Althea Luce

I'm currently in University to be an English and History High School teacher, and figured since I can't sleep, I may as well write! I absolutely love to write, and hope you love to read my writings!

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