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And That's How I Got These Scars


I took a bite

I had to

I had to taste, what they crave

A bloody taste, that made my teeth cringe

I know I wasn’t suppose to

But here I am, no one to blame

But I

And Thats How I Got These Scars

These scars

You left behind isn’t sand

It cant simply just wash away

these uneven lines

Tattooed deep in my skin

Deep like a stab wound

Are Memories of pain within

I love too much

I give it my all

Until I took a fall

I'd clearly forgotten my


I tell myself, my dear move on

But my mind plays

Our favorite love song

And then here I am again, no one to blame

But I

And thats how I got these scars

Don’t be a fool like me

Or you'll end up with scars too

When You look around

And it's quiet

Look within

Don’t look for someone to

Validate you

I did

And that how I got these scars

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