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Same but Different

A Mom from a Teenagers Point of View

You care about your boyfriend and mother all the time.

But what about me?

I’m surprised you haven’t forgotten about me

I’m like a servant; doing all the dirty work

I know you are tight on money but how about giving me the life I deserve.

Let me be me

I’m not asking for much

If you would have just let me be me the way I wanted to back then, I would be the best I could be.

All my life I’ve felt like there’s someone else inside me trying to escape but I keep forcing her back because you force me to.

Every time I think I’m strong enough to tell you off, you go to the people you care most about.

Why can’t you care about me too?

Just once I ask.

Never mind.

I wish you would go away and leave me alone.

I wish you’d for meet about me and let me be free.

Have you ever thought about the ones who need you most?

No. You’re so selfish.

You could care less about what anyone thinks. Or maybe you do.

You think we’re so different from each other

Maybe, but not really.

I’m just like you

Even if I don’t want it, you don’t want it

We can’t escape it.

If you would take time out and open your eyes, maybe you would see it too. 

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Janice Page
Janice Page

I am a wife to a wonderful husband and a mom of 3 learning how to cope with bipolar. Writing is one way I cope. I am just starting out writing publicly. I usually write for myself. 

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Same but Different
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