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Safe Space, Safe Place

A Poem

Is there a safe space, a safe place

For people like you and I?

I am the poster child of broken hearts and broken homes

So don't be confused when I have nowhere to run and hide

Is it possible for me to find refuge in a warzone?

Warzones. Casualties lying around, left to be resurrected by questions like: "Are you hungry?" "Would you like chocolate?" "Do you want McDonald's for dinner?"

Warzones. These casualties never actually receiving the sustenance their soul needs for proper healing.

The worst part is we are fighting within. Killing within. This your family. This is your home.

Homes become warzones. Sharp mouths make hotheads. Hammer-like hands produce thick, hot, salty tears. Warzones.

Is there a safe space, a safe place for people like you and I?

A place to run and hide?

Broken hearts. Broken homes. Warzones.

I am looking for refuge.

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Safe Space, Safe Place
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