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Sad Soul

Golden Years

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

The years of conflict and pain were so visible in Ms. Miles face

Her sagging skin, her puffy eyelids, her pale lips

It seems as life had taken its toll on her, the visible wrinkle forehead ,

her sad smile

As time could be read in, it was also visible, she had suffered a small stroke

Mrs. Sarah Miles such a kind and gentle woman

She didn’t care to hide her sings of aging, instead, it was now

the Golden Years that kept her going

As she brushed her hair, she smiled to see it was becoming

a Frost Winter Color

She lived alone with only two cats, but the demons in her head would not subside, instead, they would always accompany her sad and lonely life

She would breathe a sigh of relief just at the thought of that God sending Welcoming Day.

Which she looked upon as her Golden Years full of grace and growing old

Needless to say a “Sad Soul” on this Glorious Day

Which will accompany her in her Eternal Journey on her day

Farewell Sad Lady, for we will meet again on yet another

Glorious Day, where the Angels will greet us both in heaven for

yet another Sad Day

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Sad Soul
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