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Letting go is hard. I wish I knew how.

Why do I feel the things that I do?

I feel like It’s way past due

For me to be over you

Yet I’m still here wondering if you

Think about me the same as you used to

No more than friends I can do, and

God I wish that were true

I mean I barely even talk to you

I’m better friends with the doorman

I’m walking into

But It’s fine I’ll pull through

I’m just stuck

Wishing I was over you

I’m sorry okay

My brain is insanity

I can’t keep it clean

It’s slowly taking me

There is no saving me

I mean this all figuratively

Brain keeps reminding me

Of what we used to be

Just wanna be free

This burden’s too much for me

It’s dragging me down, and I’m

Just trying to stand my ground

But I’m just standing around

Stuck in a rut looking nowhere but down

Why am I standing here

I’m stuck standing still

I don’t know what’s real

At this time

There’s no time

I’m stuck in my mind

Really I’m fine

Just have to find

A good state of mind

But I’m lost inside

Just wanting to hide

These feelings I feel for you

I’m ashamed to long for you

I know it’s wrong to do

I’m sorry okay I just have a lot feelings inside

And I know this doesn’t rhyme

But I got to be honest now

I will figure this out

Things get better

I’m hurting now

But I’ll get better

Once I figure out how