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Rupi Kaur Parody Poem (Tell Me)

My Own Version

Tell me everything about you. You can go on for hours, I don’t mind. — Tell Me / Unrequited Love

You tell me

I am like the flowers

You kiss before you sleep.

That I am the waves

That the dolphins seek

But you my dear yearn

For my body like

Captain navigating his ship.

Yet I learned you

Hate to kiss girls

With wide opened

Eyes and feminist


There is something

About your body that

Spells phrase but

To you I not woman

But prize in your glass


I yearn for sisters to save

Me. However, you make

Me want to split your tongue

Into meat. Drink the tea

Of your humanity.

I am supposed to be

Proud you grabbed me,

Picked me, saw me and

Wanted me.

As a woman you probably

Think I am better than

The rest. 

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Rupi Kaur Parody Poem (Tell Me)
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