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Rotten Apple

A Response to Dr. Amber Gonzalez of Fullerton College

"When whiteness and brownness collides"

This is what you lecture

To your students,

To your colleagues,

To your department,

To your campus,

To your culture.

"When whiteness and brownness collides"

This is what you endorse

To your fellow feminists,

To your fellow gays,

To your fellow lesbians,

To your fellow bisexuals,

To your fellow transgenders,

To your fellow white Americans,

To your fellow brown Americans,

To your culture.

"When whiteness and brownness collides"

This is what you slur

As you sit in your seat,

As you sip your cold one,

As you laugh,

As you cringe,

As you rant,

As you stereotype,

As you hate,

As you disgrace.

How do you follow your philosophy

How do you promote advocacy

How do you hold your head high

How do you stand up

How do you smile

How do you shout

How do you state the conflicts of

"When whiteness and brownness collides"

If your solution to make change

For your students,

For your colleagues,

For your department,

For your campus,

For your feminists,

For your gays,

For your lesbians,

For your bisexuals,

For your transgenders,

For your fellow white Americans,

For your fellow brown Americans,

For your culture

Is to further initiate racism;

The very thing you intend to erase?

Because to you,

"When whiteness and brownness collides"

Simply translates to

"When hypocrisy and apartheid collides."

Racist Professor from Fullerton College Who Teaches Ethnic Studies

From up-loader Esteban Rios' description:  

Dr. Amber Gonzalez, who is a professor of Ethnic Studies at Fullerton College in the department of Ethnic Studies, where she serves as department chair person attacking and bullying individuals with racist comments and public shaming.

Dr. Gonzalez posted this on here Instagram story 03/28/2019 but removed and deleted hours after posting. I believe that a person with Dr. Gonzalez's level of education, position as department chairperson, position as a Ethnic Studies professor, and self proclaimed advocate of social justice that Dr. Gonzalez should be held accountable and answer for this. This is unacceptable and inexcusable behavior for the power and position that Dr. Gonzalez holds in the community, campus, and with students of Fullerton College, Orange County, and Educational field.

Dr. Gonzalez begins by attacking an individual based on their skin tone and classifies them as "white". She then begins to attack what Dr. Gonzalez calls "white stuff" and moves into bullying and shaming the individual without their knowledge by filming them and others that Dr. Gonzalez feels falls within the same category.

Dr. Gonzalez then continues to make statements on how this is conflict between "whiteness and brownness" colliding.

Call Dr. Gonzalez out on her racism, bigotry, and hypocrisy.

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Rotten Apple
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