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Sweet Wormy Core

Bad Apple by Mia Lynn

Rotten Apple

Too Early

Bitter Bitch


Contrasting Mixture

Feeling Smooth

Skin Waxy Texture

Seeing Blight

Dull Mushy Color

Too Long In The Light

Now Wormy

Smelling Rotten


Of Time Forgotten


Just Right Timing


Tasting Divinely

High Fructose Sweetness

Sounding Juicy

Natures Seductress

Hunger Sedater

Damn Rotten Waiter

Bring Me... That Apple...

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Mia Lynn
Mia Lynn

I'm a mother, a daughter, an artist, a photographer, a writer, a deep thinker, a reader, and a depressed anxious sarcastic cynical bitch. I mean what more could you ask for, right? (All Content Original!)

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