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"One by one the petals from this dyeing rose do fall..."

One by one the petals from this dying rose do fall

There’s a bed of fallen petals lying at my feet

And one by one the thorns do drop leaving its withering stem bare

And one by one its colours fade from red and green to brown.

It’s fading away, right before my eyes

A flower that was once so bright and full of life…

I was once a rose, so vibrant and free

With thorns upon my body as my armour against the world

But now I’ve begun to wither like this rose lying flat against my palm

My petals slowly falling as my time on Earth runs out

And as I watch this flower die I know that I soon will follow

But the seeds I’ve left behind will flourish

And the world will be full of roses long after tomorrow…

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Jodie Shaw
Jodie Shaw

Follow me on Twitter: @jashawoffical and Facebook: JAShaw.author

I am a writer, blogger and the founder of website for writers www.writersdigs.com

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