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Rose Colored Glasses


lack of motivation

life gets overwhelming

where am i consciously

thoughts are unpleasing

they tell me "chin up" but it's not that easy

swear it's like a disease

only can rely on me

tell me, am i setting myself up to fail?

just wanna make it, don't tell me the ship has sailed

spinning in circles, fucking life derailed

just take my ass to jail

problems too big it broke the scale

i'm losing myself; can no longer feel

is anything left even real?

lost control soon as i took my hands off the wheel

swear i'm so low, how is this ideal?

gasping for air

if i took my last breath

who would care?

death and despair

why can't i just disappear

ripped apart from reality

the page tears

fell to my knees

so i say a prayer

why is happiness having an affair

how can i find myself

try to rewire my brain

force feed me pills to get rid of the pain

think i'm going insane

i'm not that picture perfect

don't pick me up and put me in a frame

compared to you, we are not the same

stuck in a slump

this is a speed bump

fall back down just to get up

than i shrug

life's got me fucked up

but negativity i will unplug

sweep these feelings under a rug

squash depression like a bug

don't come around if you ain't got no love

least i know my way back home

where the flowers bloom

the fireflies glow

when i take a midnight stroll

if i get lost along the way

i'll search for the words i wrote

and sing along to the tune that goes

"you might hit me with throws

and the low blows

put me on a ledge

keep me on my toes

but this is not the life i chose

if i'm down only god knows

i'll find the glasses colored with rose"


So I wrote this because on a day to day basis I struggle myself with depression. And I can't help but put myself onto paper and write. And so I hope you can relate. We are not alone. For me, writing is a passionate way of letting go. Maybe it is for you. 

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Rose Colored Glasses
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