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I used to walk around this garden full of roses just to pick one.

Kissing your lips

I try to forget the smell of roses

But I gave you the name Rose

So really it’s hard to forget

I wonder what your lips taste like

Maybe pearls dipped in strawberry

Strong and sweet

Tongue on tongue

Heart beats so loud,

we both hear the music

Words put down on paper just to satisfy your body

You look at me like you see tomorrow in my eyes

Surprised but happy you can see me with you

Poetry doesn’t capture how I feel about you

The desire I have

To kiss your lips

It’s 3 AM in the morning and the thought keeps me up

It feels so real

All but just a dream

Months later and we don’t seem to bond anymore

Feelings die like old leaves falling off the branches of a dying tree

I used to pick roses from this garden

Just to say I love this rose

But you know

I love you


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