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A Poem

I've never shared space with a stranger before,

But, like a sudden kiss laid upon my temples in a round shape,

Your presence is as chilling as it is familiar.

Have we been properly introduced? I've not yet seen your true eyes.

Would you promise to knock before entering?

I know you won't. 

I never made you a key, never even told you my address, yet you are as much a resident of this vessel as I.

I'd call the police, but you're not really a home invader. Home invaders don't stay this long. 

Perhaps I did make you up.

But I don't think I did because where else would all this smoke be coming from? Won't you please smoke outside?

You sense my disease, and I hear you creep, a buzzing, a soft silence, glowing white,

Suited for dark living rooms

Late at night.

Hanorah H
Hanorah H

Hanorah is an artist and advocate from Montreal, signed to Dare to Care Records. Her 2016 call for consent ed at John Abbott College was a success. She was a quarter finalist on La Voix in 2017, and is a Studio Arts undergrad at Concordia.

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