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Rooftop Angel

Or the Watchful Heart

He didn't believe in angels

but a beautiful creature with golden hair, sapphire eyes, and soft cream skin made him think twice.

Another held the key to her pearly gates,

so he admired her magnificence from the rooftops below.

He could sense her though space and time.

When she cried, he could feel her tears through the rain that poured down.

He wiped a drop off of the cheek of the gargoyle statue he leaned on.

When she smiled, the sun tended to shine brighter,

warming his frigid soul.

At night, he laid down on the rooftop and tried to find her face in the moon.

When he closed his eyes the wind whispered in his ear,

reassuring him that his candor echoed back to her from below.

When the evening was finished, he opened his eyes and drifted off into the shadows.

Looking up at the stars once more, he felt her light through their gleam.

Crying, he knew that if her presence disappeared the rooftops would freeze over.

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Rooftop Angel
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