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Roman Candles

I wish the sky fell more often.

You light a Roman candle I

watch it rattle and burn and fly

straight like a salmon

swimming upstream to


I wish that everything that

rose would fall but sometimes the Roman

candles just fly up and

up and up and explode and

when they explode they never

fall down they

just stay there where

they shouldn’t.

We sit in the bed of

my little red truck and we

stare at the stagnant stars until one

dislodges and starts careening towards us.

I smile as I think it’ll find its mark in

this happy moment, you under my arm, but

it keeps falling and it

never finds a place to


I wish that everything that fell would rise or

at least stop falling but

a spiral is a spiral and

Xeno smiles in

his grave because we learned how

right he always was.

So just sit with me in

the bed of my truck like this;

As stars fall


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Roman Candles
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