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Rocks and Glass

We lost us.

Original Artwork by: Gavin Gordon 

Follow Him on insatgram: @gavingordonart

main account: @gavingordon


we've just been throwing rocks at the sun. 

our handfuls of broken glass

curse the wind,

wondering where did we go, 

where have we been? 

we had our own place, 

 hidden behind the sunsets,

 Now broken at the sunrises.

somewhere we were picked up and thrown

somewhere we fell and shattered. 

don't let us die

don't let me go. 

no matter how many times we meet

at our secret spot 

in between the sun and night,

the sun will always tear us apart the next morning.

the stars and moon are our witnesses, 

we are meant to be worlds apart. 

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Rocks and Glass
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