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Road to Nirvana

These rocky roads slow me down.

Sweet jeez, uplift my spirit

My fears incapacitate me

These rocky roads slow me down

How much farther must I go?

How much more pain can my heart accommodate?

All my life, I have sought closure

Slippery slopes and steep alps

These curvy roads freak me out

A dissatisfying journey without end

The hope in me begins to linger

Battling with the weakness in me, it is pushing me to quit

It is World War III going on inside my dome

Only a few minutes to arrive at my destination

Yet there is no hope of reaching the big gates

The route of sharp nails, spike strips and shattered pieces of glasses

Giving up is not an option

In the last drop of my blood will I find sustenance

I will strive

I will fight

I will thrive

I will get to Nirvana.

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Road to Nirvana
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