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Rivers Run

Rivers run, rivers flow, let it flow, let it flow.

Rivers Run

Rivers run, rivers flow, let it flow, let it flow

Creativity, never let it go

The bud that must flower, the tree that must grow

Seeds of germination, future take shape

Tis the dreamers, the believers, the doers, the achievers

Who so create tomorrow's world

The missionaries, the visionaries, a land of oysters, a sea of pearls

For they are the exceptions to the norm

Of no measure to conform

The beacons of light, with wings they take flight

Inner propensity, with authenticity, they make it a priority

To shape society, and so establish, their mark in history

They venture beyond the comfort zone, a road less travelled

If so alone

Camouflaged not, born to stand out

To realize within, manifest without

Captains of their destiny, they pave the way for others to be

Purpose, passion, legacy, extraordinaire, epitome

Yet beyond limits, illusions overcome

Great beyond measure, their rule of thumb

Multi-dimensional, that which was chose

The vessels of which creativity flows

The journey of life, taken at the helm

With access to another realm

Transcendent thought, that cannot be bought

Noteworthy cause, lest run-of-the-mill

Guided forward by a higher will

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Geraldine Taylor
Geraldine Taylor

An author, poet spoken word artist, BMI songwriter, founder of Talented Showcase 1 and ambassador for Elite Fitness Apparel. Her songs have been performed by artists in the UK, USA and worldwide.

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Rivers Run
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