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A Poem

Photo by Sebastian Dark on Unsplash

Today is one of those days

Where I must force myself to 


Who I really am

And what makes up my 

Soul and my


Take away the make-up which is my mask

Strip me of the clothes and leave me

Raw and naked.

Shave my hair so I can't hide behind it.

What is left?

Not the idea of me

But the real me.

Dismiss my multiple names

And my several personalities

And watch the truest elements of me squirm around like

New-born babies.

There is desire;

For pride, admiration and warmth.

There is love; 

For myself, friendships and the universe.

There are scars;

White lines, and the ones deeper than skin.

But despite all of these things, I add them up and wear them like armour.

Though I may fall 

And seem so small and fickle

My core will always stay the same

So a note to me;

Girl, just enjoy life a little.

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