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Riding the High

The Beauty Behind Drug Culture

There's an unspoken poetry in the drug-induced masses, a taboo truth known only by those who’ve tasted it...

Collaborating a collective unity of archaic emotion that erupts proudly, loudly and uncontrollably from within.

While eyes widen and words slur, there's an intimacy spoken through our energy.

It's filthy and it's barbaric and it's real.

You feel as though you belong and are one with every other being who has lost their mind and found their heart,

Beating wildly to the rhythms of sensational therapy where impulse pulsates through your veins and stains your soul with an alien touch.

Though possessed, we find ourselves livid with joy and freed from the mold of our anxieties. Suddenly weirdness is embraced with heavy haste at the taste of a toxic token that promises to unleash an awakening of magic, happiness, and love!

Chemicals fuse and flare until your only care is the moment and everything in it.

A crowd no longer feels crowded when it sways together in a daze of blissful contentment. Resentment and hate vanish as we leave the room behind to find a paradise so wild, like the child who died within us long ago is reborn...with a super power.

To see so many spirited persons at the peak of their high is magnificent and rare, and it's hard not to stare...

Wondering why we can't all stay this way forever!

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Riding the High
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