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My Story

Never smiled like this again.

4 knocks to the door

Door opens air mattress on the floor

After a couple of minutes my babysitter heads to the store

Who's left is a little girl the babysitters daughter and i

Time goes great times starts to fly

But what happens in the next couple of hours may make you cry

10:15am just chilling watching tv

While the daughter makes us lunch so we can eat

I will never forget... dry ass chicken... mac and cheese... and peas

I hated vegetables so i mixed them up with the mac and cheese

Im to the left of the table

The little girl to the right of the table

And in front of me is this big sloppy mess in all angles

I'm trying to eat

While i feel this creep rub her crusty pigs across my feet

To young to understand so i just continue to eat

15 minutes passes now that chicken ran through me

Time to shit

Think its my time to relax while I'm on the toilet

I start to push my dick starts to feel funny

I look down i have a hard on... i laugh in disbelief as it continues to get funny

I look up the door bust open

Sloppy joe walks in looking with her legs spread open

I say get out

She says shut your mouth

She climbs on me surprise the toilet didn't cave in

She kissing me feeling on me

Rubbing on me

My dick getting hard was a understatement to this disbelief

She pulls me to the floor of the bathroom

Jumps all on me as all i feel is sweat... i cant stand bathrooms

I try to run but her heaviness is killing me

She makes the wrong move and i get free

I run... think i can get away

She was fast for a heavyweight so in the corner i had to stay

She grabs me

Pulls me to the air mattress and covers me

Til this day in Tyrese song Signs of making love... the cover screen

I hate it cause thats how it looked but just all black

Had me flipping turning... running... until i just laid on my back

It was nasty...

It was hairy...

It was smelly...

Just straight disgusting

After the torture i just had to lay there

Her mom runs in... i tried to tell but she didn't care...

I was raped... my childhood... i lived in fear

It can happen to anybody at anytime

Just sad mines have to come like a tape deck... all in rewind

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