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Reviving Myself

They thought they won.

I had to kill a part of myself

To survive in their world

I had to play the part

At least to the best of my abilities.

They didn’t care it left me dead on the inside

My heart turned grey

Like a rotten prime rib roast

They preferred the dead on the inside version of me 

And it has taken years

Of me walking in a haze

I barely made it out in one piece

But somehow I did

So now at 27 years old and

I’m rediscovering my 12 year old self

The version of me that they forced me to change

The Tom boy

Who only like boys as friends

Otherwise they were just plain annoying

The girl who had short hair

And wore boys clothes because they were more comfortable and just felt right

That poor girl

Who has been lost from me for so long

The one who knew exactly who she was

And wasn’t afraid to let anyone know it

The girl who fought for her passions

And did what she wanted without anyone’s approval

How could anyone

Want to hide her

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Reviving Myself
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