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Eyes on the Sky


She closes her eyes and breathes.
Deep. Reverent.

An unspoken prayer of adoration.

The sky above her is void.
But endless.
An infinite space dotted with specks of pale,
iridescent light.

She sees it.
The silver thread that binds the stars,
a map.
The tether.

Her tether.

It anchors her to reality,
with its unique form of gravity.

Smears of colour spread across her sight.
Hues of purple and blue join in chaotic unison.
The lingering ghosts of stars long dead.

Beautiful in its intricate simplicity.

She breathes.
In awe of his perfection.
Amazed by the artistry.
Like watercolours on an unending canvas.

But ever-changing.

She prays.
And lifts her hands,
a smile like dawn upon her face.

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