Paige Gordon
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Resuscitation of Osiris

As Isis...

Source: Pinterest

Osiris, where are you?

I have been searching Egypt through and through.

Come back to me, my love,

for my heart aches from above.

Our bond,

as we grow fond

is without a doubt

a completely different route

than others, but that doesn't matter.

We can attest the truth of time.

Let me collect your remains one by one;

it doesn't matter how long it will take,

or how far I have to look.

Oh for goodness sake,

this eternal bond isn't fake.

The sun and the stars,

friends of my love Osiris,

please guide me to him from afar.

Guide me to where he lay,

to avoid dismay.

Thank you.

I've gathered you together

my love, my brother

I have all of you here and now,

please, let me take a vow;

to feel you,

to heal you,

to bring you back to life.

Breathe this new life in,

and win

the perpetual battle

against all odds.

We are together once again,

my darling friend.

Our love is infinite,

unconditionally immanent. 

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Resuscitation of Osiris
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