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A Spin on the Norm

This feeling comes once a year.

An overwhelming "what the hell have I just done?"

The feeling comes a lot actually but on one day it's worse than the rest.

And in the past two reset I've tried to reinvent myself to little avail

if I learned one thing in the past three resets it's at life goes on

the outside doesn't stop moving just because you have

and when you're isolated and thrown back into the shark tank suddenly it makes a big splash,

you draw attention

and people look at you like you're one winged butterfly flying into a wall over and over because that's the only direction the wind will guide you.

A reset is a new beginning, a start over of time

the end of the year

not January first

but the day you were born.

were you planned or an accident?

what was your childhood like?

I valued my resets until I turned eight and saw my father seizing on the floor of my childhood utopia.

I always wanted a simple life, I like simple places, quiet places.

This past reset,

my nineteenth,

I spent in the cemetery with deceased loved ones I didn't mourn because I didn't know I was supposed to

death has always eluded me,

it still does.

If death was a person he'd be the epitome of resets

the father of taking

and who would be the father of giving?



You should see what comes up when you put death into a search engine

it's targeted.

Life has no boundaries though,

Google it and a butterfly with one wing comes up - a casualty.

resets can be viewed as a gift or sentence.

The question is does Karma like you?

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