Janae Williams
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Can you see what I see?

What do you see

When you look in my eyes

Is it the pain of resentment

Contentment of situations

That desire change

Strange connections

Show reflections of

Love I deserve

The nerve of you

To make me think otherwise

The rise of anger

And confusion

Causes moments

Of breakdowns

Take downs

Of the strongest

Even the longest roads

Of tolerance

Have dead ends

Friends not enemies

But memories

Length isn't loyalty


I can't accept anything less

My best is what I give

Live day to day

Forgetting me

To save thee

Reciprocation no where

In sight

Light treads

To suit you

I root for you

Mute for you


I want no bad blood

Flood your ego

With love and understanding

Never demanding

More than u can give

Forgive me

This late recognition

My afflictions

Have cleared my sight

Geared my fight

Of an epic comeback

Don't comeback

When I'm great

Better late then

Than never

Don't work in these parts

My heart is to pure

Genuine cares the cure

Now.....look in my eyes

As tears fall from a final goodbye

Will you miss me?

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