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Remembering Your Light

For my Uncle Jack. May his memory be blessed. Happy holidays!

I’ve seen

And occupied

Plenty of rooms

Filled with light

And mirth.

But I’ve

Also been in

One too many rooms

Where isolation

And doubt

Are the sole occupants

In a void

And mind

Of darkness.

Let me

Remember then

All the more

The sweetest company

And presence

Of light,

Even in present absence.

Let me remember

And celebrate

Years and days

Gone by

Of what were spent

Dancing and bathing

In such rays

Of joy,

And such abundant sunshine

Of love.

For even in dark days,

I’m always reminded

Of such a light

Of the beauty

And grace

Of all those around me

That tell me

I’m not ever alone,

Even in my

Most desperate wanderings.

Even when those

Who come to journey’s end

And pass on,

And an empty chair sits,

I hope to always remember

How blessed I was,

And am, always,

To keep such

Great and irreplaceable company

That stills beats

In the same time

As my own heart.

And even in my darkest days,

There’s no shade

Or shadow

In this heart

When I look back

And remember

The countless candles

That glow

And burn inside my chest.

I hope only

To make this story

About and for them,

As I also hope

To always remember

Their own light

They graciously offered

To share with me

When I had none—

And still wouldn’t have, otherwise.

Anthony Cornatzer
Anthony Cornatzer

An actor, technician, singer, musician, writer, and journalist, Anthony Cornatzer is a senior pursuing a BA double major in Theatre Performance and Media Production, as well as a minor in Writing, at Stockton University, New Jersey.

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Remembering Your Light
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