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Remember When?



Remember when we could stay out until the street lights turned on? 

No worries about what may be lurking behind that old oak tree

Not wondering if you decided to walk all the way home alone if you would make it there

Remember when neighbors were friends who treated you like family?

No glares and nastiness about whose trash landed in their yard

Not needing to even ring the door bell before you waltzed in and made yourself comfortable

Remember when it wasn't scary to want to raise a child in this place?

No worrying whether or not they would have to witness nuclear war

Not thinking that every time they left the safety of your house that they would be part of some heinous crime

Remember when you were seen as a person not a millennial? 

No memes to poke fun at the generation you were innocently born into

Not wondering if you had a life to live after college or if you would be living homeless in the street

Remember when?

I Remember

I remember when I'd leave my parents house and stay outside from morning to dusk

I remember loving my neighbor, not fearing them

I remember thinking my children would be getting the best out of life

I remember when I was just a kid who got decent grades, never got into trouble, and did what I was expected to do

I Remember

Do YOU? 

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Remember When?
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