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Reflections of Life

A Collection of Short Poems

What's Life

What's hate without love

What's High without drugs

What's pain without touch

What's life, everything

But not much without you...

Alone Is Safe

Anxiety and fatigue weigh heavily on my mind

My body refuses to respond to urgency and responsibility

Wrapped up in this blanket cocoon, darkness is my friend

Libation is my friend

Solitude is not Mercy

I stare into oblivion thinking of everything, seeking an answer

Calculating the past and dissecting my mistakes

Feeling trapped and small

Needing to be touched by God

Alone and afraid

But alone is safe

Child’s Eye View

Beneath the floor of this concrete jungle

Poke salad, dandelion, and honeysuckle roots

Intertwine in a slow samba

Where the red and brown clay of the city is the stage

And all the little creatures flicker about

In their innocent war of the fittest

Caterpillars, ladybugs, ants, and spiders

Walk about with liberty and caution

Unknowingly, the hardened feet of ghetto children

Trample cities beneath

Such innocent arrogance, these giants of the land

Jarring butterflies, and lightning bugs for pleasure

And as I look upward into the heavens

I too wonder when I will be set free

From my cage, my invisible cell

When will I be free – a Sovereign


Is it not competition

Is it not a test

Is it not much a burden

Till it gives us our rest

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Reflections of Life
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