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Reflection of the Lesson

Spectral Tracks

Once upon a dream... we sat in a land of future, in different realms at the same time. Daunting all our grievances to the innards of our soul, of our egos. We sat pitched in a tint of disdain for what we had known, not knowing from long ago who we were. Once upon a dream, we met at the crossroads, with only our inner selves knowing our true identity. With only out unconscious selves remembering who we truly were. Unaware of each other, but only as words spoken through the eyes. We rode our train to our destinations call, following the only path we knew. On the train we rode, in an instant of futures past.

#SeekTheProphet #Awoken #FollowTheLights

Artist: Chiara Bautista

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Reflection of the Lesson
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