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Red Wine Dreams

As wine, this dream is sweet and bitter.

The Prisoner

As I have this fine wine in my hand.

Past dines go through my mind.

Thinking of springs of before puts me in a sprung.

The taste of this wine is great in its taste.

With its light touch of sweet bitterness.

As the sun goes down I can rely on the shine that's in your eyes.

As I have this glass of wine, my senses come to a daze.

Yet with clarity in my heart.

Knowing this will last a lifetime.

Waking Up

Having this old feeling of being in a euphoria effect brings happiness and sadness.

It is like a humming bird's wings.

Its presence so delicate and yet so powerful.

Its wings so fast yet giving a gentle breeze.

As fast the wings flap it came and than it went.

Having no signs or trails in where it went to be.

Leaving me in this solitude of dreams.

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Sergio A.
Sergio A.

I'm 24 and writing has became my form of therapy. I struggle speaking up or explaining in how I feel but writing it out is so much easier. I enjoy short poems and sonnets. Read away :)

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Red Wine Dreams
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