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Red Sky

Sailor's Delight

I know our ship has sailed but I have this uncanny ability to find where it makes port. I am the dinghy catching the waves off the distant liner not realizing it was pulling me into a whirlpool of emotions. It wasn't until I recognized this monstrous vessel that it was too late to jump ship. I so wanted to swim away but the lifeguard kept snagging me. . The water was too deep and I was unable to untether myself from the cord, always dragging me back to in the current leading me towards uncharted waters. 

They say a red sky at night is a sailor's delight but it's been red skies every morning. I can see though that with each rising sun, the richness is fading. I wade in the bitter cold water and know that soon the red sky in morning will no longer be warning. I'll stop riding the waves and float into calmer, warmer waters because a red sky at night is a sailors delight and the sun is setting on us. 

The red will swallow that ship on the horizon and I'll float into oblivion. 

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Erin Cole
Erin Cole

I am a documentary filmmaker, writer and lover of anything that provokes thought and creativity. I'm also always in search of adventure, laughter, and food. 

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Red Sky
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